International Trade Administration

About International Trade Administration

The Office of Trade Negotiations and Analysis (OTNA) serves as the International Trade Administration's principal advisor on trade policy issues affecting multiple U.S. industries. In this capacity, OTNA develops high quality economic and trade policy analysis to help ensure the national economic interests of U.S. industry are fully represented in trade policy initiatives. Senior decision-makers inside the Department as well as outside (e.g., USTR) rely on OTNA’s analysis to set priorities and develop negotiating strategies. Specifically, our analysis informs the Administration's initiatives to 1) open foreign markets for U.S. exports in trade negotiations affecting more than one industry, 2) enforce/implement U.S. trade laws while ensuring that these laws continue to aid U.S. industry competitiveness, 3) advocate on behalf of U.S. industry, and 4) encourage public-private partnerships.


International Trade Specialist

May 2019 - August 2019 Baltimore, MD
“The opportunity to help American businesses thrive and to gain experience in international trade via client service, navigation of various databases/ directories, and foreign market research. ”
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